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Inspired by the observance of falcons nesting on bare rock-and-gravel shelves on the faces of sheer cliffs, the Eyrie inflatable sleeping pad and pillow combine for the most comfortable possible sleep at the lightest weight premium materials would allow us to create, on any surface. 


True to our space saving form, the Eyrie Pillow fits in the palm of your hand, weighing in at just 82 grams, pouch included. Designed to cradle yet support, our pillow follows the natural contour of your neck and head, making for maximum air-filled comfort, while remaining quick to inflate and deflate.  Rapid deployment and repacking is made possible by the inflation valve assembly, with a spring-press air release that allows one-way filling, without releasing air until depressed. 

The primary drawback to sleeping on inflatable mattresses is soreness or overall discomfort... This is usually caused by uneven areas of enhanced air pressure pushing into your muscles. This is often due to poor pad design. To solve this problem, we returned to the source, simple geometry. A combination of cubes, spheres, and quad-radiant lines provides for a perfectly engineered breakup of the surface of our pad. So that hours after lying down, the weight of your body pressurizing the Eyrie pad continues to be evenly distributed and broken, making for more sleep and less soreness. 

Interestingly, this approach also allowed us to reduce the thickness of the pad without sacrificing comfort, which means a lighter and smaller packed pad. We also went with an ultralight composite bi-valve to allow for easy inflation and deflation, shaving the overall packed weight down to 462 grams. 

Rest easy, the falcon way. 

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