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Mountaineer, climber, Kayeke ambassador.

Hi, my name is Hannah. My entire life I have pursued things that are unique, out of the box, against the grain; things that push the limits and blaze their own trails. I have been living on the road for over two years now stopping only for the occasional seasonal job, beginning with a four month backpacking/hitchhiking trip around the United States. These pursuits were what initially drew me to be a part of Kayeke when I met founders Israel and Montana in Glacier National Park this past summer. They are creating products for the sake of passion and innovation rather than profit, products designed by and for the individual rather than the masses. Their dream is to produce unique, top of the line gear that will enable others who are out there pushing the limits to achieve their own dreams and I believe that's something we can all get behind. It's not often you come across a company whose goals and beliefs align so thoroughly with your own--there's no way I could pass up an opportunity to collaborate with such passionate and driven people. - Hannah

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