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Hello! My name is Israel. 

My friends and I started Kayeke to make better gear and a better way for you to experience the outdoors and your craft. 

Our Story

We live in a materialistic culture.

We live in a world oversaturated with media. 

We live in a time when instant-gratification is the rule of the day. 

More and more of us want out.

There's only one place for us. 

The Great Outdoors

We climb!

We hike!

We camp!

We backpack the Andes! We explore Patagonia!

We mountaineer!

We canyoneer!

We share moments with new friends at Yosemite! We form friendships at the climbing gym, we strengthen them on cliffs and boulders all across the land! We find solace with the Milky Way as our bedroom ceiling, the earth itself as our mattress! We dive into glacier-melt ponds, we soak in the sun of Moab, we vanlife, we hitchhike, we crave new horizons and will get there by any means possible, even if that's hiking the Appalachian Trail. 

We love our world and our craft, we seek to perfect both. 

We live ethically. We leave no trace. We learn new holds and techniques to approach that 5.11 next week.

We love life, and we live it. 

We are Kayeke.

Hello! My name is Damon. 

I'm a highliner, climber, and all around adventure seeker. I use and abuse gear and equipment. Like many of you, my passions require the very best quality equipment available. When I go out and tackle a new project, my life is literally on the line... Usually hundreds of feet up. I'm a quality snob, because if I'm not then I could die.


Besides that I live in a van with my wife. We don't have room for junk, or pretty much anything we don't use frequently. 

So I wanted to be a part of the process of creating and presenting better gear to the world. Gear to be used and abused. Gear that athletes and adventurers can trust. Quality gear, that looks cool while not cutting corners on build or functionality. Gear I feel good about. 

Literally everything we make has been put through excruciating real-world tests by me.

I can't wait for you to get your hands on what we're building over here at Kayeke!

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