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To Be The Gyr Falcon

Fish asked me as we plummeted to earth over the Wasatch Front on my first skydive, “I’ll bet you feel like your falcons now.”

I did.

It was an experience that stands out in a lifetime of experiences. That’s how I met my frustration at being unable to find outdoors gear that really met my demands, by deciding to curate an experience; for myself and anyone looking for an edge.

The Gyr falcon has stood for millennia as the pinnacle of falconry, sought and kept jealously by kings and emperors. It has been my favorite falcon after years of practicing the sport of falconry. It is the perfect bird. It is fast, strong, and beautiful. It ekes its living out of the harshest climates in the world, and thrives. It resembles its terrain, but at the same times stands out for its stark contrasts. It is fierce, dominant, and determined.

I dreamed of finding a pair of pants that I could hit the trail with, anywhere in the world, and be ready for whatever may come, but also to FEEL ready. Pants that reign supreme, like the Gyr, above all others. That would allow me to move freely, rapidly, and constantly, without restraint, fully protected from the elements. That would resemble the terrain for the design cues taken from it, but yet would stand out starkly in contrast. A vivid painting of earth’s awesome tones.

I wanted an EXPERIENCE in putting on a pair of pants; to be transformed instantly, into the free-falling Gyr.

Of course, that meant I’d have to make them.


Paragyr means meeting all those expectations I set for myself.


Setting out to create the world’s ultimate outdoors gear meant taking inspiration from the extreme outdoors.

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